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The Platform For The People

We put the power to earn in your hands, offering all of Lyvely’s monetization features to everyone, for free.

If you’re new to content creation or monetizing online, we recommend that you start with our Free plan. You get full access to Lyvely’s features and monetization opportunities, with a limit on video uploads and length of video calls or live streaming.

If you’re an active content creator or online coach/consultant, check out our Premium and Pro tiers. You’ll get reduced platform fees, unlimited video uploads, unlimited length video calls and live streaming. Additionally, Lyvely Pro comes with account verification, including a verified badge with VIP account benefits and dedicated support.

One Profile, Limitless Potential

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Lyvely Tiers

All tiers provide you with the same monetization features, but each tier provides different benefits. Check out the FAQ’s below for more details and recommendations for choosing the right tier for you.


$0/ month
  • All of Lyvely’s monetization features
  • 15% Platform fees
  • 30 minute HD video calls
  • 30 minute HD live streaming
  • 10gb content storage


$19/ month
  • All of Lyvely’s monetization features
  • 10% Platform fees
  • Unlimited length HD video calls
  • Unlimited length HD live streaming
  • Unlimited Video uploads


$29/ month
  • Everything from Premium
  • 5% Platform fees
  • Verified account
  • Earn as an affiliate
  • Pro level benefits
  • VIP account support


What are platform fees?

Lyvely makes it easy and secure for people around the world to make purchases from you online using their credit card, with our integrated payments system.

For our services, we take a reasonable platform fee (commission). This fee ensures that we can continue to offer you these amazing features and customer experience while developing our business on a global scale.

All our monetization features are free to use, for everyone. We only take platform fees when you make a sale through your Lyvely page.

How do I start monetizing on Lyvely?

It’s simple. Start by signing up with your email and creating a Lyvely account (it literally takes 60 seconds) then complete your profile and you’re ready to start monetizing on Lyvely!

Do I need to have a registered business to get paid?

Nope. We make it simple for anyone in the world to monetize on Lyvely. You do not need to have a registered business to monnetize or accept payments on your Lyvely profile. All you need is a personal bank account, and our payment partner (Stripe) makes it possible for you to accept credit card payments from customers all around the world.

Who is the Free tier designed for?

Our Free tier is ideal for everyone who just wants to have a profile on Lyvely to be a part of the community, and to dabble with monetizing online.

With Lyvely Free, you have full access to all of our monetization features, with a time limit on video calls and live streaming.

With Lyvely Free, there is a 15% platform fee applied to anything you sell (including tips) through your Lyvely account. If you are planning to host coaching calls or use our monetization features daily to generate revenue online, we recommend upgrading to Lyvely Premium or Pro.

Who are Premium and Pro designed for?

Lyvely’s Premium and Pro tiers are ideal for coaches, consultants, and content creators who provide their services or monetize online.

Since most of Lyvely’s coaches and consultants need more than 30 minutes length for video calls or streaming, they typically choose the Premium or Pro tiers to get unlimited length calls and streams.

Many creators have switched to Lyvely from Patreon or OnlyFans to offer their monthly subscriptions, and they choose our Pro subscription. With Lyvely Pro, there are only 5% platform fees, which is less than half of what many other platforms charge.

Additionally, with Lyvely Pro you are eligible for account verification, at no extra cost. Having a verified account comes with added benefits including our “Earn As Affiliate” feature, and provides more extensive Data and Analytic tools.

What are Pro level benefits?

Lyvely Pro comes with special marketing opportunities, promotional upgrades, and account support benefits that are designed for content creators, podcasters and coaches who are regularly hosting live events.

With Lyvely Pro, you’ll get priority placement on our events page, free marketing perks for increased visibility, and we’ll even add your profile and upcoming events to our email newsletter.

It’s our goal to help as many subscribers as possible succeed and crush it on Lyvely. Lyvely Pro helps you unlock your full potential for success with your online business.

Can I change tiers anytime?

Absolutely. At any time, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan with just a few clicks. No stress.

I have a question not listed here, help!

We’ve designed an extensive Help Center and have instant live chat to answer all of your questions and make sure that you feel taken care of with Lyvely.

For any questions or concerns, visit our Help Center, and reach out to us personally if you still need more clarity or personal support.

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