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General FAQ’s

What is Lyvely?

Lyvely is a social networking and content platform that was designed for the creator and freelance economy.

Your Lyvely profile is your all-in-one HQ to generate revenue online. It’s the only place you need to direct your fans, followers, clients and friends or family to support your content or purchase your gigs and services.

If you are a coach, consultant, content creator, freelancer or anyone who wants to earn more money online, Lyvely is the best place to profit from your digital presence. With Lyvely, you have a profile that actually pays.

How do I start monetizing on Lyvely?

It’s simple. Start by signing up with your email and creating a Lyvely account (it literally takes 60 seconds) then complete your profile and you’re ready to start monetizing on Lyvely!

Do I need to have a registered business to get paid?

Nope. We make it simple for anyone in the world to monetize on Lyvely. You do not need to have a registered business to monnetize or accept payments on your Lyvely profile. All you need is a personal bank account, and our payment partner (Stripe) makes it possible for you to accept credit card payments from customers all around the world.

How do I make money on Lyvely?

There are several ways to generate sales and earn revenue from your Lyvely profile.

  1. You can sell content memberships, which is a recurring monthly subscription to your exclusive content that only paying members can access.
  2. You can sell access to VIP content, which is a 1-time “Pay-To-View” feature where someone pays you a fee to unlock specific content on your profile wall.
  3. You can sell tickets/charge for admission to live events, which you host via our Live streaming feature
  4. You can monetize by creating “Sessions” and “Services”, which are gigs or coaching calls that are advertised and hosted on your Lyvely profile
  5. You can accept Tips, which are a 1-off donations via our “Grateful” feature. The Tipping feature is enabled on your Lyvely profile page, as well as in Live Streams and video calls.
  6. You can earn as an affiliate, which are links to products or services within the Lyvely ecosystem that you promote for other sellers
  7. A new monetization feature is coming soon, which is earning from advertising revenue share.

Success tip: Create an intro video for your Lyvely page. This is a great way to stand out and connect emotionally with anyone that lands on your profile. It’s the perfect opportunity to express to people who you are, and how you want them to experience your Lyvely page. Share this intro video via your Lyvely profile link on your other socials to direct your followers to the one profile that actually pays, Lyvely!

How do people find me on Lyvely?

The first action to take once your Lyvely profile is published is to share your profile link in your social media bios. This is a simple way to start directing traffic to your Lyvely page. In addition to this, we recommend that you upload some of your favorite content that you’ve created to populate your page and start bringing it to life.

Then we do our part to help you increase your reach. Lyvely helps you get discovered by people who’ve shown an interest in similar content, activities, and general vibe of your profile by recommending your page to them in notifications, and by advertising your events or services across our platform.

Success Tip: Start hosting your video calls or live streams on Lyvely rather than Zoom or other video services you previously used. This is a great way to get people to experience Lyvely and check out your profile, driving views to your page and enhancing your sales conversions organically.

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