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Founding Story

Lyvely was created by Farah Zafar, a Supreme Court Lawyer and acclaimed C-suite executive, and Dave Catudal, a health entrepreneur and digital nomad. The two were living completely opposite lifestyles when they met in S.E Asia, at a wellness retreat where Dave was lecturing on health and longevity.

Differences aside, they quickly became best friends and business partners. Together, they observed a global problem and shared a vision of how to solve it at scale.

The problem: Most people hate their jobs and are too afraid to pursue their passion because they don’t believe they can succeed on their own.

The solution: Build a social networking platform and digital HQ designed to empower people to think more entrepreneurially, and to monetize their content, their skills, and their passion.


After 2 years of developing the tech and validating the concept with friends and family, they realized that Lyvely was so much bigger than just the two of them. Lyvely had the potential to change millions of lives, and this realization lead to them quitting their jobs, selling their other business, and going all-in on Lyvely. They assembled a world class team, attracted legendary advisors and investors, and brought Lyvely to life in the summer of 2023.

To us, Lyvely means designing a life that you love and building a livelihood that brings you freedom. As a company, we exist to elevate humanity by helping people experience success and fulfillment from doing what they love.

Cheers to your successful and fulfilling Lyvely journey,

Dave Catudal & Farah Zafar

Our Core Values

We strive to live a life that inspires others to rise up and access their true potential. To be authentic, kind and grateful, and to be of service to others while paying it forward through our Lyvely community.

Be Authentic
You are unique. We want the world to know the real you with Lyvely. No stress, no pressure. Just be you.

Be Kind
Being kind is king. We are committed to bringing more kindness to the world through Lyvely.

Be Grateful
Gratitude is an expression and a Universal force that drives us. Thank you for being on this journey with us.

Be Of Service
We want to help build a world where more people are collaborative, supportive, and connected. If we want to see this change in the world, we have to BE this change. Mission Accepted.

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